What is Wheat Belly!?!


After reading my first post, my friend Cindy, reached out to inform me of a book I should read called “Wheat Belly”.  Not having access to the book right this moment and too curious to wait, I decided to find out more about it.  At first I was looking for a book review, but after typing “wheat belly” into my Google search a review came up from a person who was sharing how the book changed her life.  I decided to read more and here is what I found.

The book “Wheat Belly” is authored by a Cardiologist from Milwaukee, WI named Dr. William Davis who calls himself “seeker-of-truth in health”.  At one point in his career, Dr Davis asked his diabetic patients to remove all wheat products from their diets because foods made from wheat flour raise blood sugar more than nearly all other foods including table sugar and a snickers bar.  Several months later, patients returned and it was results other than blood sugar levels that grabbed his attention.  Some of the results he discusses are weight loss, complete relief from acid reflux and IBS symptoms, increased mental clarity, deeper sleep, and more stable moods and emotions.  He also recorded amazing things such as a 26 year old man who recovered from major full body joint pains and able to return to jogging again pain free.  There was also a schoolteacher who experienced a complete cure from ulcerative colitis and intestinal hemorrhage weeks before she was scheduled to have her colon removed.  These things encouraged him to share his message with the world.  Here is an excerpt directly from his website:

“I’m not promoting drugs, fancy medical procedures, or costly equipment. I’m not promoting a process that makes a pharmaceutical company rich or helps a hospital gain more revenue-producing procedures. I’m talking about a simple change in diet that yields incredible and unexpected health benefits in so many more ways than you’d think. And it’s not just about celiac disease, the destructive intestinal disease from wheat gluten that affects 1% of the population. It’s about all the other destructive health effects of wheat consumption, from arthritis to acid reflux to schizophrenia, caused or made worse by this food we are advised to eat more of. It’s about being set free from the peculiar appetite-stimulating effects of the opiate-like compounds unique to wheat. It’s also about losing weight–10, 20, or 30 pounds is often just the start–all from this thing I call wheat belly. The key to understanding wheat’s undesirable effects is to recognize that the total effect on human health is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Aside from writing the book “Wheat Belly”, Dr. Davis also offers a great deal of information related to wheat consumption on his website: www.wheatbellyblog.com.

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